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Social Network & Share

Social network site is a web application which is one type of virtual society on web. Its all about making friends, sharing with each other on web. There are thousands of social networking websites on web but few of them are popular and used by most of people. Except making friends & sharing content there is more to do on social networking site like chatting, sending email, playing games with friends, promoting etc.

What is Social Share Count ?

Social Network becomes sharing & promoting platform for blogger, online marketer etc. Also all search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing give priority to social media signals for SERP. Each sharing on social network counted as a social share count, all sharing are done in the form of share, tweet, +1, comment etc. More the number in social share count for webpages become more stronger social signal to search engine for respected webpage. This social share tool give back the data related to sharing of webpage on facebook, googleplus, linkedin, twitter, reddit, pinterest, stumble upon, delicious social network sites.

Born as a web/computer enthusiastic but by profession love to be a web designer, web developer, seo expert, blogger etc. A lot to do & learn from web, on web.

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