XML Sitemap Generator

Generate a xml sitemap of webpages to properly indexing webpage in search engine by using sitemap in webmaster tool. Generate a XML sitemap by crawling a website/list of given urls.

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What is XML Sitemap ?

XML Sitemap is extensible markup language sitemap, which is generated for submitting webpage links to search engines. Many site have large volume of dynamic webpage, so it may be difficult to crawl all webpages. Create xml sitemap to submit all webpages to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask etc. Most of the search engines takes sitemap for webpage submission.

What is XML Sitemap Generator ?

Mostly all search engine crawler looking for xml sitemap to get crawling all webpages under a website. Using this XML Sitemap Generator tool you can create xml sitemap by submitting a bunch of url or by crawling webpages from a website. Then after save this as xml file & upload to website & submit it to search engine.

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