Search Engine Spider Simulator

To show how a search engine crawler crawl a website like spider from one webpage to another as like web search engines do to index webpages.

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What is Search Engine ?

Search engine is a program which programed to search for a particular keywords or symbols in database. It give back the search result based upon user inputed keyword. Today's most popular search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and many more.

What is Search Engine Spider ?

Also search engine spider known as web crawler, which crawl webpages and retrieve data from it. Mostly all big web crawler respect robots.txt file for crawling/spidering website. It crawl webpages & retrieve datas like meta tags, content, link, images, etc.

What is Search Engine Spider Simulator ?

Its a simulator which shows how a search engine spider crawl a website and which data it retrieve from webpage. In this simulator it retrieve title, plain text content, webpage link & secondary webpage links.

Born as a web/computer enthusiastic but by profession love to be a web designer, web developer, seo expert, blogger etc. A lot to do & learn from web, on web.

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