On-Page Optimization

On-Page optimization is first step towards SEO, so its always important. Check all factors which matter for on-page optimization in SEO. Now-a-days big search engines like Google giving less important to off-page optimization for fresh & new webpages.

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What is On-Page Optimization ?

If SEO will be a complete book then On-Page Optimization is half of it. On-Page optimization is one of the most important one for SEO. I can say that SEO start from here. A fully Page optimized webpage can be nice start of SEO. There is a lot factor can be consider for page optimization. Few important factors are listed in this application to be checked for any inputed webpage. This is completely free to check unlimited number of webpage for page optimization. Page optimization includes Title, Body Text, URL, Canonical, Image, Speed, Heading, Keyword Density, Flash, Frame, Form & blah blah blah.

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