Create An Account in Mercenie (To Use Our Tools)

1. Here you can sign up for Mercenie with Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo & Microsoft Social Profile.

2. Its better to register with social profile, if you want to sign up manually must use valid email address (otherwise you will lose valuable information). As our register/login system based on WordPress we don't verify email address.

How to get Mozscape API Access ID & Secret Key

1. Login to your Moz Analytics account, or sign up for a free community account.

2. Click "Generate Secret Key" in this link to generate your Access ID and API key.

Your Access ID publicly identifies your API account and will never change. Your Secret Key is your confidential API password. You can change your Secret Key in the future.

3. You can start using the free version of the Mozscape API right away.

Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q)

Q- What is Mercenie Free SEO Tool?