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Google PageRank is authority rank for a webpage, this given by Google search engine to each webpage on web. Check Google PageRank for any URLs in bulk/multiple.

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What is Google PageRank ?

As all we know that Google is one of the most popular search engine among all because of its algorithm & most appropriate search result. PageRank is calculated using an algorithm named after CEO of Google, Mr Larry Page. Algorithm is called as PageRank algorithm which calculate webpage value by considering many factors into it. PageRank algorithm is register by Google organization & can only used by them. First of all, this algorithm submitted by Larry Page as a project to Harvard University then after they brought that project from Harvard University.

What is Bulk Google PageRank Checker ?

This is a tool which calculate webpage PageRank value which calculated by Google. You can check a bulk number of webpage/website Google PageRank by inserting one url in one line. It will check each url Google PageRank one by one, but more in number of url may slow down process. Alexa Rank is as like PageRank but Alexa Rank doesn't have any impact on search result directly where PageRank have a big impact on SERP of webpage in Google search result directly.

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