Bulk mozRank Checker

MozRank is as like PageRank & AlexaRank, this rank is given to domain only. Check MozRank of a set/bulk of url, MozRank is ranked by Moz to each website as like PageRank.

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What is mozRank ?

mozRank is trademark of Moz SEO company based in America. Moz crawler crawl all webpage give mozRank to each website/webpage based upon algorithm used by Moz as like google pagerank. Each month Moz crawler web completely, so each month mozRank updated. Basically mozRank based upon backlink to this webpage from other webpages.

What is Bulk mozRank Checker ?

Using this tool you can check mozRank for webpage/website in bulk. At a time maximum to maximum you can check mozRank for 10 URL. mozRank is alike PageRank & AlexaRank, updated every month.

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