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Generate a strong password for any web account, you may not need to remember generated clumsy password if you remember few information about your web account.

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Many bad guys those are actively involved in cracking any type of personal account on web. They have a lot techniques to get access to anybody account even it is social network account or any bank account. Few peoples those have idea and knowledge to get prevent them from account access. Easiest way to make them away from your account is by protecting it using a strong password instead of a simple one. There is a lot chance to hack any account if you are using simple name/word/number alone as a password. Recently brute force attack become more & more which try password with different word combination from different ip address across world. Brute force attack can easily break any account password if it's only word/number combination. To make your password stronger you need to create a password with letter, number, special character combination & always use different password for different online account.

What is Strong Password Generator ?

This tool which will help to generate strong password for any web account. It generate password using capital letter, small letter, number, special character combination. It generate different password for a username for different web domain. For creating strong password you just need to remember a secret phrase and password length. You use username/email (e.g. , web domain (e.g. google, facebook etc) , password length (e.g. 16) & secret phrase (e.g. my secret password) to generate different password for different web account. You need to remember secret phrase & password length, and always use small letter. So no need to remember strong password just put down your data to get your strong password & each time it is always be same for same combination of username, web domain, password length & secret phrase. So keep your account more secure using this strong password generator tool.

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