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Lorem Ipsum is a text placeholder commonly used in publishing & graphics design for visual presentation of font, typo & layout. Generate it as per need in publishing or designing work.

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What is Lorem Ipsum

Loerm Ipsum is a placeholder text which basically used in publishing media for graphics and visual presentation of font, typography & layout. Lorem Ipsum is a scrambled latin which doesn't have any meaning, this is simply nonsense. This nonsense meaningless text give user to focus on font, typo & layout instead of meaning. This placeholder text used since 1960s, first it is used in advertisement for Letraset transfer sheets. In mid 1980 it is introduced in digital media by Aldus Corporation for PageMaker application for the Apple Macintosh.

What is Lorem Ipsum Generator ?

Lorem Ipsum Generator is generate Lorem Ipsum text as per your need for any web design or template. It can be generated in 3 format, these are list, paragraph & div for templates. Number of element is repeating of text and Number of Paragraph/Sentense is how much you need of text.

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