Dummy Image Generator

Dummy images mostly used in web designing template as like in blogger, wordpress theme template for dummy image. Generate png/jpeg type of dummy image with any background & text color combination.

  • Image Width:
  • Image Height:
  • Background Color:
  • Foreground Color:
  • Text to Show:
  • Image Format:

Dummy images can be used in many places as like web design template, psd webpage design etc. The only use of this tools is to generate dummy image for your use.

What is Dummy Image Generator ?

Simply this generate a image to be used as a dummy image in any designing work. Its much simple to use, just input appropriate data in width, height, colors, text & format etc. Width & Height to give back that width x height resolution image. Two type color can be used, one for background & another for foreground. You can get two image format, one is png & another is jpeg. After successfully generating dummy image, right click on image and save it as image to desktop for your use.

Born as a web/computer enthusiastic but by profession love to be a web designer, web developer, seo expert, blogger etc. A lot to do & learn from web, on web.

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